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Organic chocolate bar by homework

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Peary & Henson Product Design / PROSPECTOR CO.

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Marlene Silveira   |   http://marlenesilveira.ca

"Branding and packaging created for Reunion Island Coffee Ltd."

Graphic designer based in Toronto, Ontario - Canada. Illustration doodler. Coffee drinker. Movie watcher. Concert goer.

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Vintage-style branding for Outpost General Store by Knoed.



Branding and packaging design for TRITICUM, a bakery founded by the baker Xevi Remón.

More on: losiento.net

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Good tea and a good book is an ideal combination. This package is a respect to some good writers, and maybe it could help one to choose a suitable sort for reading. The series consists of ” Alice in Wonderland” (Earl Grey), “Hopscotch” (Yerba Mate), “Landscape painted with tea” (Assam) and “The flood invades my spirit” (Sencha). “

Orka Collective.

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Big Horror   |   http://www.behance.net/BigHorrorAthens

Established in the summer of 2010, Big Horror is a Creative Studio run by Alexandros Mavrogiannis. Located in Athens, Greece, we Design and dream of more identity Systems and Multimedia Strategies Focused on a more Fashionable, Cultural and Passionate way of Living. We Love Typography, Clean Aesthetics, Minimal Approaches and Clever Solutions.

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