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Peary & Henson Product Design / PROSPECTOR CO.

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Marlene Silveira   |   http://marlenesilveira.ca

"Branding and packaging created for Reunion Island Coffee Ltd."

Graphic designer based in Toronto, Ontario - Canada. Illustration doodler. Coffee drinker. Movie watcher. Concert goer.

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Vintage-style branding for Outpost General Store by Knoed.



Branding and packaging design for TRITICUM, a bakery founded by the baker Xevi Remón.

More on: losiento.net

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Good tea and a good book is an ideal combination. This package is a respect to some good writers, and maybe it could help one to choose a suitable sort for reading. The series consists of ” Alice in Wonderland” (Earl Grey), “Hopscotch” (Yerba Mate), “Landscape painted with tea” (Assam) and “The flood invades my spirit” (Sencha). “

Orka Collective.

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Big Horror   |   http://www.behance.net/BigHorrorAthens

Established in the summer of 2010, Big Horror is a Creative Studio run by Alexandros Mavrogiannis. Located in Athens, Greece, we Design and dream of more identity Systems and Multimedia Strategies Focused on a more Fashionable, Cultural and Passionate way of Living. We Love Typography, Clean Aesthetics, Minimal Approaches and Clever Solutions.

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I’m always surprised by how many cheese brands have really fantastic packaging. I don’t exactly associate cheese with good design, but it seems that these companies know a thing or two about the advantages of having a good-looking product.

Fairview Cheese has really taken the cake with there wonderful teal and black packaging.

Designed by Coley Porter Bell, my absolute favorite part of these designs has got to be the wrapping paper. Putting facts and interesting tidbits about cheese on the packaging paper was pure genius. It’s fun and quirky and adds a whole new level of creativity.

Would buy this cheese simply for the packaging.